Objective: An Emergent Narrative Engine

Objective is a narrative-focused roleplaying game run by a small community on Discord. In Objective, players pick any character, fictional, real, or OC, and interact with each other and the world they are placed in in seach of achieving their objective - the goal of that player. A more detailed explanation of how the game is played and the rules can be found here. Bear in mind that the rules may change for each game! New features are constantly being added, and each game may use special mechanics. These are listed on the home page of each game. There are two types of games: Long games, run over the course of roughly 2 weeks, where phases are 24 hours long and turbo games, run in a single day, each phase being ~20 minutes long.

Year Three Games:

Year Two Games:

This site was created to archive and display past games. Whilst there is no form of application for new players due to the size of the community, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to girlthulhu#5322 on Discord!